Mopars at the

2014 AACA Grand National

Lebanon, TN

June 12, 2014


A look at some incredible cars that were on the field June 12th at the 2014 AACA Grand National.  These are all cars that have won a 1st Junior as well as a Senior national award just to qualify.  Every one done to original specifications and every one a high quality restoration.


Love that Petty blue Plymouth Superbird!

A couple of super clean Jeeps - most of these are too rough to restore to this level, but seeing the nice work on the two pictured examples shows that a stripped down workhorse can look as good as a loaded up muscle car.  The dark blue and white wagon was especially sharp - done to an incredibly high standard.

Now for some fins and chrome!

This Imperial won an AACA National Award a few years ago.  You’ll never see a nicer one.

A rare sight - twin 1958 DeSoto Firedome convertibles.  Less than 10 left in the U.S. and these two were on display next to each other!